Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The role of the professional nurse is built on nursing knowledge, theory, and research. The bachelor's level nurse functions as a provider of care; a designer, manager and coordinator of care; and a member of the profession. The bachelor's prepared nurse serves as a patient advocate and educator, using technical, critical thinking, and ethical decision-making skills to promote individual and family well-being. As a designer, manager, and coordinator of care the professional nurse has the knowledge and authority to delegate tasks, supervise patient care and evaluate personnel in the context of a team setting. The nurse functions as a member of a profession by demonstrating a strong foundation of ethical values, becoming an active proponent of political action in the regulatory aspects of the changing health care arena, and assuming a commitment to lifelong learning (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008).


The first two years of this program consist of general education courses which provide a liberal arts framework for completion of the nursing component of the program and pre-professional courses.

Upon admission to the upper division nursing courses, the student will complete six quarters of nursing education. This is a rigorous program with in-class time averaging approximately 20 hours/week. Students should be committed to considerable out-of-classroom preparation and study. It is expected that success will depend upon two hours of study per hour of classroom time. Class schedules may change at the discretion of the institution.

Preparation of the professional nurse requires classroom, laboratory, and clinical experience. The clinical component of the nursing program will take place in various settings in the Knoxville area and beyond. Students are responsible for costs associated with these clinical rotations, and for any costs associated with any emergency services needed while participating in off-site activities.

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The South College Asheville Learning Site's Nursing program has initial approval from the North Carolina Board of Nursing.

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