General Studies

The South College General Studies Department appreciates the diversity of learners attending the institution and strives to encourage and enable students through the development of knowledge building skills and habits of personal and professional self-examination. Through general education courses that introduce a breadth of knowledge, the faculty are committed to helping students become autonomous learners and thinkers, to develop foundational skills that promote successful academic study, and to inspire life-long learning.

The South College general education program has been designed to require courses and credit hours in specified areas. While promoting skills for success in college-level courses, general education courses are not specific to any particular occupation or profession. The following are expected outcomes for students completing the South College general education requirements:

  1. Demonstrate effective communication through writing.
  2. Demonstrate effective communication through speaking and demonstrate an understanding of the basic theory of oral communication.
  3. Demonstrate effective quantitative computational and reasoning skills.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to read and think critically to evaluate and solve problems.

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