General Studies Faculty

The South College General Studies faculty members are dedicated to assisting students through instruction and guidance throughout their courses. The General Studies Department's main office is in room 221 at the Main Campus, 3904 Lonas Drive, Knoxville, TN, 37909.

Full-time Faculty

Dr.  Jodi Rightler-McDaniels, PhD., General Studies Department Chair, Communication and Information, University of Tennessee,

Ms. Barbara Gay Dunlap, Mathematics Coordinator; M.Ed., Mathematics, Clemson University, 865-251-1897,

Ms. Robin Evans, M.S., Social Science Education, University of Tennessee, 865-251-1891,

Mr. Michael Finley, M.S., Applied Mathematics, University of Illinois at Chicago, 865-293-4594,

Mr. Norman Hammitt, M.S., Communications, University of Tennessee, 865-251-1859,

Ms. Renee Harold, M.A., Psychology, Child Development, University of Tennessee, 865-251-1893,

Mr. William (David) Hartsell, M. A., Cross Disciplinary Studies, East Tennessee State University, 865-293-4596,

Ms. Anne Ippolito, M.A., English, New York University, 865-251-1895,

Ms. Caroline Malone, Writing Lab Associate Coordinator; M.F.A., Writing, Bennington College, 865-251-1896,

Ms. Julia Watts, Writing Lab Coordinator; M.F.A., Writing, Spalding University, 865-251-1892,


General Studies Adjunct Instructors

Dr. Patricia Bailey, Ph.D., Mathematics Education, University of Tennessee; M.S.S.W., Social Work, 865-293-4562,

Dr. Carol Guthrie, J.D., University of Tennessee; Ph.D., History, University of Tennessee, 865-293-4579,

Mr. Mike Jackson, M.A., Philosophy, University of Tennessee, 865-251-1874,

Dr. Peter Lemiszki, Ph.D., Geology, University of Tennessee; M.S., Geophysics, 865-293-4591,

Maegen Rochner, M.S., Geography, University of Tennessee, 865-293-4578,

Ms. Rebecca Rowe, M. A., Music, Samford University, 865-293-4582,

Dr. Dana Scheurer, Ph.D., Psychology, University of North Dakota, 865-293-4584,

Mr. Gary Taylor, B.S., Psychology, University of South Carolina, 865-251-1820,

Ms. Ruth Valle, M. S., Language Education, University of Tennessee, 865-293-4592,

Mr. Mark Wankel, M.F.A., Art, University of Tennessee, 865-293-4581,

Dr. (Janet) Carole Witt, Ph.D., Applied Educational Psychology, University of Tennessee; M.S., Curriculum and Instruction, University of Tennessee, 865-293-4580,