Behavior Guidelines for Library Users

One of the Library Department's primary goals is to ensure a pleasant learning environment for all South College library users. This means that the main uses of the library are studying, researching, and learning. When you are in the library, please respect other users' needs to study, research, and learn by following these guidelines:

  • Maintain quiet conversation that is not disruptive to other library users. Group study rooms are available in the library, on the second and third floors of Lonas campus, and in the student center at the Parkside campus.
  • Please turn off cell phone ringers or put phones on vibrate while in the library. Please conduct all cell phone conversations outside of the library.
  • Do not bring in or consume food in the library.
  • Beverages in plastic bottles with a secure lid are allowed in the library, but they must remain closed and stored in a backpack.
  • Do not use tobacco products in the library.
  • Shouting across the room, horseplay, or engaging other users in unwanted interactions are examples of disruptive behaviors that will not be tolerated in the library.
  • Do not bring children into the library. This is an institutional rule, not just a library rule.
  • Use headphones to play audio programs so that only the person using the headphones can hear it. Headphones may be checked out at the circulation desk.
  • Take care of library materials, equipment, and furnishings.
  • Use courteous and polite behavior at all times in all circumstances.
  • Respect the authority of all library staff to enforce these behavioral guidelines.

In addition to these library guidelines, all library users must follow South College's Student Conduct Standards and Regulations as outlined in the college's Handbooks. Library users who do not comply with these library or college conduct guidelines will be asked to leave the library premises. Students who do not comply with these guidelines will be reported to the Dean of Student Services.

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