IRB Compliance Forms

Human Subjects Research Training Instructions
Request for Classroom Project Waiver of IRB Protocol
Human Subjects Research Protocols - Guidelines and Application Instructions
Human Subjects Research Protocol - Exempt Review form
Human Subjects Research Protocol - Expedited or Full Review form
Human Subjects Research Protocol - Project Revision or Amendment
Human Subjects Research Protocol - Problem Report
Human Subjects Research Protocol - Continuing Review
Human Subjects Research Protocol - Final Study Report
Appendix 1 – South College Co-Investigators
Appendix 2 - External Co-Investigators
Appendix 3 - International Research
Appendix 4 - HIPAA Waiver or Alteration
Appendix 5 - Expedited Review, Initial Review
Appendix 6 - Data Repositories
Appendix 7 – Deception
Appendix 8 - Waiver or Alteration of Consent
Appendix 9 - Waiver of Consent Documentation
Appendix 10 – Devices
Appendix 11 - Drugs or Biologics
Appendix 12 - Genetic Testing
Appendix 13 – Radiation
Appendix 14 - Storage of Biological Materials (Repository)
Appendix 15 – Children
Appendix 16 - Adults with Decisional Impairment
Appendix 17 - Non-English Speaking Research Subjects
Appendix 18 - Pregnant Women, Fetuses, Neonates
Appendix 19 – Prisoners
Appendix 20 - Change in Study Personnel
Appendix 21 - Change in Number of Participants
Appendix 22 - All Other Research Changes
Appendix 23 - Expedited Review, Continuing Review
Appendix 24 - Problem Summary Sheet
Consent Template - Biomedical Science Research
Consent Template - Behavioral and Social Science Research
Parental Permission Template - Biomedical Science Research
Parental Permission Template - Behavioral and Social Science Research
Assent Template - Biomedical Science Research
Assent Template - Behavioral and Social Science Research
Consent Language by Topic Template

Sponsored Programs Forms

Routing Form
Routing Form (v2)
Routing Form - Unrestricted Grant (v2)
Routing Form - Conference and Symposium (v2)

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KPD Bullying Town Hall Meeting

South College's West campus Auditorium will be the site of a town hall meeting on Thursday, April 17th, to discuss the problem of bullying.