Writing Across the Curriculum

Satisfactory participation in the Writing Across the Curriculum program at South College is a graduation requirement for students who have entered the college during or since the fall quarter of 2005 (except for Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate students). Students are required to maintain a personal portfolio with selected samples of their writing from “W” courses: WF - Writing Focused composition courses, WI - Writing Intensive general studies courses, and WID - Writing in the Discipline courses. A complete list of “W” courses required is available on pages 6-8 of the Writing Across the Curriculum Handbook.

Writing Across the Curriculum Handbook

Writing Across the Curriculum Lab Handbook

Spring Quarter 2014 Writting Lab Hours


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KPD Bullying Town Hall Meeting

South College's West campus Auditorium will be the site of a town hall meeting on Thursday, April 17th, to discuss the problem of bullying.