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Mission, Philosophy, and Goals


The mission of the South College Doctor of Physical Therapy program is to provide an innovative, career-focused education that develops Doctors of Physical Therapy who are highly skilled, mindful, and empathetic care providers, who are passionate lifelong learners, who are servant leaders in their local community, and who are highly engaged in their professional and broader health care communities. Graduates will be equipped to deliver exemplary care in a multidisciplinary, team-oriented, and value-based healthcare environment.


The School of Physical Therapy is committed to the development of future Doctors of Physical Therapy, ready to meet the demands of clinical practice in the 21st century with exemplary entry-level skills, marked professionalism, and compassion.

The DPT program is designed for the delivery of a contemporary and evidence-based curriculum using faculty and contributors that are dedicated educators, clinicians, researchers, and leaders in the physical therapy profession. Faculty and contributors facilitate student learning and professional growth with student-centered active learning experiences, modeled clinical and scholarly excellence and steadfast professionalism. Using a blended learning model, our curriculum combines the best aspects of online learning activities and interactions, hands-on laboratory intensive sessions, and collaborative clinical education experiences into an innovative and dynamic learning experience. In so doing, we will transform physical therapy education, improve scalability and access to DPT education, increase flexibility for traditional and nontraditional learners, increase the level of active learning in courses, and seek to achieve quality student experiences and outcomes. Our graduates will be prepared for skillful, mindful and compassionate clinical practice, lifelong learning and professional development, and selfless service to their community and profession.



The South College School of Physical Therapy will deliver an accredited DPT program that embraces the core values of the profession.  The program has the following goals:

Goal 1:  Be a national leader in the development of contemporary blended learning content and strategies for DPT education.

Goal 2:  Resource and deliver exceptional career-focused academic and clinical learning experiences to develop competent physical therapists.

Goal 3:  Enroll a student body that results in graduates who support the demand for physical therapists and rehabilitation services at the local, regional, and national levels.

Goal 4:  Create a learning environment that promotes critical inquiry and appropriate professional attitudes and behaviors and supports faculty scholarly activity and development.

Goal 5:  Demonstrate a commitment to service and leadership in the community and profession.



In order to deliver instruction that prepares students to meet the mission of the DPT program, the DPT faculty goals are to:

Goal 1:  Collectively and individually evidence academic and clinical preparation appropriate to the professional and institutional requirements.

Goal 2:  Role model servant leadership and professional responsibility to the institution, the community, and professional organizations.

Goal 3:  Develop, implement, and regularly evaluate the DPT curriculum including assessment and evaluation of outcomes data.

Goal 4: Integrate innovative teaching strategies and technologies that support the program’s mission, enhance student learning, and optimize outcomes.

Goal 5:  Demonstrate commitment to excellence in teaching and/or clinical practice through ongoing professional development, use of relevant research, and maintenance of clinical expertise.

Goal 6:  Engage in a scholarly agenda that promotes student learning, best practice patterns, and enriches the physical therapy profession.

Goal 7:  Serve as advisors and role models for professional behavior.



Goal 1:   Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for the entry-level practice as a doctor of physical therapy and a valued member of the multidisciplinary healthcare team.

Goal 2:   Provide evidence-based and outcomes-oriented prevention, health promotion and wellness, and injury/illness services and interventions for individual patients and the community.

Goal 3:   Demonstrate a commitment to professional growth through lifelong learning, critical inquiry, and mindful practice.

Goal 4:   Function in a professional, caring, ethical, and culturally competent manner, with a demonstrated advocacy towards the patient, community, and profession.



Updated: January 29, 2015


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