Assessment Program

The mission of the South College School of Pharmacy Assessment Program is to facilitate the accomplishment of the mission, and vision of South College and the mission, vision, goals, and abilities of the South College School of Pharmacy through systematic and sequential evaluation and continuous improvement of the composition, procedures and programmatic outcomes of teaching, service, research and scholarly activities.

Committee Goals:

  • Design and execute an effective assessment plan.
  • Facilitate academic and nonacademic units in SCSOP in identifying goals, outcomes and appropriate assessment methods.
  • Assist units of SCSOP in their systematic and sequential collecting, analyzing, managing and interpreting assessment data
  • Prepare and disseminate reports with recommendations for improvement to internal and external stakeholders.

For additional information, please contact:

Beverly S. Hamilton, MBA, PhD
Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Faculty and Assessment
Phone 865.288.5815