The South College School of Pharmacy offers a three calendar year Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum.  The first professional year curriculum provides a base for courses in subsequent years of the curriculum.  The first professional year provides student pharmacists with a background of knowledge in the sciences through both individual (e.g., Biochemistry, Pathophysiology) and integrated courses (e.g., Integrated Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology).  Importantly, student pharmacists are provided an introduction to patient care through IPPEs and to issues in pharmacy and healthcare through the Pharmacy Practice Sequence.

The second professional year continues the Pharmacy Practice Sequence to provide knowledge about issues in pharmacy and healthcare.  The second professional year also provides the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired in the previous year to pharmacy practice, particularly through the Pharmacotherapy Sequence.  Emphasis is placed on applicability of the knowledge, both from the first professional year and that which is currently being learned in the second professional year, to pharmacy practice.

The third professional year sees student pharmacists devoted to advanced pharmacy practice experiences. These experiences provide for the culmination and application of all that has been learned in the prior two years of the curriculum.

Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) Curriculum