Beverly Hamilton

Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Faculty and Assessment 
Phone 865.288.5815


Dr. Hamilton has over 12 years of experience in higher education academia with significant experience in health professions related education.  Dr. Hamilton has held various academic and administrative positions at several universities.  With over 5 years of experience directly in pharmacy education, Dr. Hamilton has expertise in programmatic assessment and measurement of curriculum effectiveness.  Dr. Hamilton’s primary research interest was in the area of infectious diseases specifically in viral infectious diseases. Her research was focused on the pathogenesis of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).   Her work centered on understanding the mechanisms of action of HIV using primate and murine models.  Her work examined corticosteroids as effective treatment for reducing viral load on follicular dendritic cells which are germinal center cells that harbor infectious virus.  This work was transformed into direct application using human clinical test subjects.  In addition, Dr. Hamilton has worked with neutralizing antibodies and passive immunization to prevent mother-infant transmission. Dr. Hamilton has published her research in numerous peer reviewed journals and has presented at national scientific meetings.  Dr. Hamilton also has an interest in improving health literacy in the community and designing early intervention strategies that will help to improve and promote healthier lifestyles in the community.

Dr. Hamilton, a Virginia native, obtained a BS in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University, a MBA from Strayer University and a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from Virginia Commonwealth University.  Her post-doctoral work was done at Harvard University School of Medicine/Dana Farber Cancer Institute and George Washington University.