Bill Gentry

Pharm D.
Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean of Admissions and Student Programs
Phone 865-288-5853

Bill GentryDr. Gentry joined the School of Pharmacy after 18 years of experience in the provision of pharmaceutical care. His contribution focuses on educating physicians and pharmacists on the most appropriate therapy necessary to enhance patient outcomes. Dr. Gentry accomplished this as a drug information/medical liaison specialist and through his executive positions and leading roles in fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. Dr. Gentry’s ten years directing hyperlipidemia treatment strategy by the medical community resulted in greater ability to improve HDL abnormalities through optimal use of Niaspan ®, an innovative Niacin formulation. His research and contribution to medical literature continue to impact care for cardiovascular disease as it is the lead cause of mortality in the US. Dr. Gentry presented his work and latest cardiovascular research in many national and international meetings. As a pharmacy consultant to nursing homes, Dr. Gentry had a direct impact on physician prescribing habits and medication use process which ultimately improved patient care. The development of strong patient assistance programs by Dr. Gentry offered the opportunity to many indigent patients to acquire/afford medications necessary for their care. He often volunteered to provide pharmacy care to unfortunate populations through organizing missionary endeavors to Central/South America. Dr. Gentry’s passion for student growth and development is backed by a life-long involvement with pharmacy organizations that started as early as a student in Campbell University, playing different roles as a student leader, class president and as chairman of the Pharmacy Student Executive Board.