Brandon T. Hall

Laboratory Assistant I
Phone 865.288.5843


Brandon graduated from the University of Tennessee with his BS in Microbiology, also obtaining a minor in Philosophy. During his time at the University of Tennessee, he gained training working with a wide array of laboratory equipment and techniques. While at UT, he conducted research on the Lux operon of Vibrio fischeri, pairing it with various genes to be used as a detector for oil spills by activation of the Lux operon in the presence of oil. He also assisted in Pathogenic research on the Type III Secretion System. In his last year of undergraduate studies, Brandon worked in an industrial lab in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, working with mold samples to analyze and combat mold infections in business buildings. Brandon is interested in pursuing cancer research in the future, along with research of prion diseases. He is also interested in Biological Ethics, primarily concerning patient treatment and patient rights.