Gamal Hussein

Professor and Director of Interprofessional Education 
Phone 865-288-5813


Dr. Hussein has over thirty years of experience in the teaching and practice of pharmacy. He has held academic positions at several universities, clinical positions in hospitals, and executive positions in pharmaceutical industry. Findings from Dr. Hussein’s research enhanced the teaching and practice of medicine and improved patient outcomes. His contributions include the discovery of therapeutic range for Felbamate, Topiramate, and Lamotrigine, discovery of several drug reactions and interactions (Propofol, Gatifloxacin, Gabapentin, and Felbamate), design of the first clinical classification of drugs used during lactation, and development of innovative computer programs for pharmacy teaching and practice. His basic science research focused on whole body autoradiography, toxicokinetics and elucidation of metabolic pathway of drugs and environmental toxins. He founded the annual “National Innovation in Pharmacy Award” to foster innovation among students in United States. Dr. Hussein received 2 national awards in both teaching and practice; the “Innovation in Teaching Award” by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy and the “Health-Systems Practitioner Award” by the National Pharmaceutical Association.