Sarah E. Hurst

Research Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Phone 865.288.5842


Sarah Hurst

A Tennessee native, Dr. Sarah Hurst, is a 2004 graduate of Maryville College. There, she earned a B.A. in Biochemistry with special focuses in analytical chemistry and medicine. At the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dr. Hurst studied a putative aminophospholipid translocase or “flippase” that encodes for a type IV P-type ATPase, Atp10c/ATP10C. For the purposes of her dissertation entitled "In Vitro Alterations of a Putative Phospholipid Translocase, Atp10c, and Its Role in Glucose Metabolism", Atp10c/ATP10C was characterized both generally and biologically to gleam information about its molecular weight, cellular location and possible biological roles and/or functions. Doing so, she obtained her Ph.D. in Comparative and Experimental Medicine in 2012. Her long-term career goals include doing research in her fields of interest (metabolic diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, and oncology) and joining an institution as a full-time faculty member. Dr. Hurst has both teaching and research experience and will be working as a laboratory assistant II. She looks forward to working with everyone here at the School of Pharmacy!