Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

This graduate program is designed for those qualified individuals who wish to further their academic credentials in the field of business administration.  The program requires satisfactory completion of 48 total quarter credit hours and is designed to be delivered in four consecutive quarters over a period of 1 year (12 months) for full-time students.  Part-time students may enroll in a minimum of one class per quarter.  Proposed class implementation is summer quarter 2014.  Admission to this program will occur in each quarter of the year.   


In support of the South College mission statement, the mission of the School of Business for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is to provide a high quality graduate, online business education that challenges students through curriculum and collaborative interaction.  The program’s curriculum focuses on student learning and development of skills that prepare for the demands of the global business environment.  The MBA program is designed to provide organizations and non-profits with managers who are able to critically analyze and identify business problems and opportunities.  This includes being able to communicate information to influence an organization, integrate decision making across all business functions, and develop effective strategies while understanding the importance of ethical decision making. 

Admission Requirements

Applicants interested in this program are required to meet individually, either in person or via telephone, with an admissions representative and program faculty to discuss the program and all requirements. Applicants must provide a completed South College application for admission and application to the program. Those selected for admission will provide the following:

  • Evidence completion of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education;
  • Evidence of a cumulative 3.0 undergraduate grade point average for admittance OR Evidence of a cumulative 2.50 undergraduate grade point average for conditional admittance.

Students accepted for conditional admittance are permitted to take three courses in the MBA program. If they maintain a 3.0 graduate grade point average in the three courses, they are granted admittance

Program Design

The program will be completed primarily via an asynchronous online format using the learning management system Moodle in order to provide flexibility and to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.  The curriculum is tailored to provide a balance of theoretical, practical, and analytical instruction to prepare students for the unique challenges of management in the 21st century.                                                                            

An online introduction to the program includes an orientation, a review of students’ roles and responsibilities in an online instructional environment, important information about accessing South College email and Student Portal accounts, and a discussion and review of South College learning resources and student services.

Course materials and assignments emphasize collaboration, critical thinking, research, and student accountability.  The program cumulates with a capstone course which provides a unique opportunity for a thorough investigation of a business dilemma, incorporating principles of accounting, finance, marketing, economics, and management concepts and theories. 

Learning Outcomes

Graduates completing the program will accomplish the following outcomes:

  1. Analyze and evaluate appropriate business strategies, practices, and theories that inform and guide organizations to ensure sustainability.
  2. Develop a marketing plan for a new or existing product or service by integrating marketing concepts, strategies, research, and distribution principles.
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of the principles of accounting in order to ensure alignment with organizational goals and strategies.
  4. Devise a capital budgeting strategy based on the principles capital budgeting, capital structure, cost of capital, corporate financing, and asset valuation.
  5. Devise planning and control activities to effectively produce and deliver goods and services.
  6. Summarize emerging trends in management and leadership theories through research of academic literature.
  7. Create business reports that effectively communicate business strategies, practices, and goals using emerging technology and management theories.
  8. Design a solution to a business dilemma, incorporating management practices and theories with principles of marketing, economics, accounting, operations management, and finance. 

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