Physician Assistant Studies

Visiting Professors

Dave Mittman Dave Mittman


Mr. Mittman has been a PA and later NP leader for thirty years. He co-founded the Long Island University PA Program student society, was President of the New York State Society of PAs from 1978-1979 and served on the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) Board of Directors from 1981-1983.
Mr. Mittman spent nine years in primary care in Brooklyn, N.Y. and left to begin a career in medical publishing with Physician Assistant Journal. Mr. Mittman also won the AAPA Public Education award for leading the march in Trenton NJ to establish PA practice.
Mr. Mittmanstarted the PA Journal and co-founded the Clinicians Publishing Group (1990) and Clinician Reviews Journal in 1991. Clinician Reviews went on to become the best read NP and PA publication ever developed. Mr. Mittman and his partners took Clinicians Group and built it into a major publishing business by launching eight journals in six different physician specialties within an eight year period, something never done before in the history of medical publishing.
While a visiting professor at South College he spoke to both our didactic and clinical PA students regarding medical publishing and the right way to correctly write a prescription.