Physician Assistant Studies

Student Work Policies

Student Employment

The PA faculty believes that no student is capable of acquiring the level of knowledge needed to perform adequately as a Physician Assistant student if they engage in outside employment during the PA Program. Students are apprised of this policy during the interview process, and are reminded that they must not engage in outside employment during the PA curriculum. Full time employment while in the didactic and/or clinical learning year of the program is prohibited. At no time is a student to be substituted for a faculty member or clinician. Students are not to be employed while on their clinical learning rotations by preceptors or health care facilities. Students may not serve or perform as staff members of the program unless they are part of a specific federal, state, or South College work-study program. Work study students are not permitted to have access to confidential student records or student information and/or testing materials.

Volunteer and Work Experiences

Students who are involved in or commence volunteer or paid work during the course of their Physician Assistant training cannot use their affiliation with the Physician Assistant Program in any aspect of that job. Work outside the Physician Assistant Program undertaken by the student, independent of the Program, is not covered by the liability offered for clinical work associated with the educational experience.

Students, who have other valid professional licenses/titles such as Ph.D., Respiratory Therapist, Licensed Practical or Registered Nurse, or Laboratory Technician, may not function in those capacities nor utilize these titles in spoke or written communication while enrolled in the Physician Assistant Program.  Students shall not misrepresent their status as students by identifying themselves as anything other than a Physician Assistant Student, nor shall they allow their patients to identify them as a graduate Physician Assistant or Physician.

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