Administrative Directory

Administrative Staff

Stephen A. South - President

Dr. Kimberely B. Hall - Executive Vice President

Brad Adams - Chief Financial Officer 

Ron Hall - Vice President for Information Technology/Facilities

Walter Hosea - Vice President for Enrollment Management

Steve Woodford - Vice President for Administrative and Regulatory Compliance


Academic Support and Student Services

Terry Allred - IT Support Specialist

Donald Buchanan - Evening School Assistant

Terry Callahan - Evening School Coordinator

Tristen DeAngelo-Hicks - Assistant Registrar

Ralph Gillespie - Student Academic Support Services Coordinator - Pharmacy

Jennifer Glaab - Director of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning

Carolyn Hillegas - Dean of Student Services

Josh Huffaker - Business Operations Assistant

Mark Jones - Director of Information Technology

Vickie Price - Controller

Jennifer Ridgeway - Student Activities Coordinator

Jeremy Russell - Network Administrator

Gary Taylor - Placement Coordinator

Kim Wood - Registrar/Bookstore Manager


Administrative Assistance

Kristin Byington - Executive Assistant - Pharmacy Practice

Deborah Boromei - Admissions Coordinator - PA Studies

Diedra Archer - Director of Administrative Operations - PA Studies

Kellie Goza - Director of Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences

Cathy Gray - Students Records Coordinator - Pharmacy

Erika Hamzeh - Director of Operations DPT

Lisa Hickam - Administrative Assistant

Tony Marcinelli – Data Manager - PA Studies

Missy Martin - Administrative Assistant - PA Studies

Betty Miller - Director of Operations - Pharmacy

Shay Miller - Administrative Coordinator DPT 

Gina Mollica - Executive Assistant - Pharmaceutical Science

Kristina Morgan - Administrative Assistant - Imaging Science

Banissa Kinder - Executive Assistant for the Dean's Office - Pharmacy

Athena Russell - Executive/HR Assistant

Diane Smith - Admissions and Student Outreach Coordinator- Pharmacy

Lisa Thomas - Administrative Assistant - Education

Debra Garrett-Carson - Executive Assistant - Nursing

Anna Wilson - Administrative Assistant - Administration



Carrie Major - Director of Admissions

Whitney Apa - Admissions Representative

Kelly Bates - Admissions Representative

Kira Duthu - Associate Director of Admissions

Susan Linnert - Appointment Setter

Jenni Morrow - Admissions Representative/Trainer

Tom Mullins - Admissions Representative

Leila Norrell - Admissions Representative

Lisa Susong - Senior Admissions Representative

Alix Starnes - Admissions Representative


Business Office

Alice Royer - Student Accounts Coordinator


Financial Aid

Larry Broadwater - Director of Financial Aid

Jeanne Stewart - Associate Director of Financial Aid

Sandra Ranta - Financial Aid Officer

June Mitchell - Financial Aid Officer

Laura Smith - Financial Aid Officer

Sherry Weaver - Financial Aid Officer

Michele Woodford - Default Management Coordinator



Anya McKinney - Head Librarian

James Gill - Acquistions Librarian

Gail Hammack - Parkside Evening Clerk

Carl Parham - Cataloging Librarian

Molly Bingham - Library Clerk 

April White - Library Clerk



Roy Josey - Director of Maintenance

Terry Gaylor - Main Campus Maintenance

Shanotra Smith - West Campus Maintenance

Phillip Vance - West Campus Maintenance

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