Papercut is the print management system used by South College for library, computer lab, and personal laptop printing and photocopying.

The Papercut software allows students to view their print/copy account balance, add money to their account, view their printing and photocopying history, and request refunds.

Students add money to their account by purchasing $5 or $10 cards from the South College Bookstore or the library at either South College campus.

Redeem a print card

To redeem a print card, the student should log in to their print/copy account ( using their Student Portal login and password. This link is available on the desktop of each of the library and computer lab computers.

In the menu to the left, click "Redeem card".

Redeem card

Next, enter the print card string of letters and numbers including the dashes. Click "Redeem Card" and the page will refresh. A green check mark will appear at the top of the screen indicating that the card was redeemed.


In the menu to the left, click "Summary" to view the new balance.

Request a refund

Students who would like to request a refund should do so through their Papercut account.

To request a refund, the student should log in to their print/copy account ( using their Student Portal login and password.

In the menu to the left, click "Recent Print Jobs".

recent print jobs

Find the print job in question and click "Request Refund" in the right hand column.

request refund

Enter the requested refund amount (full or partial) and a detailed explanation of why the refund is requested.

why requested

Refund requests are reviewed regularly by the IT department and approved or denied on a case-by-case basis.

Student Printing Install Steps for Personal Laptops

If you have already installed the South College printing software and need to add an additional printer, please skip to part 2. The printing software is the same for both the Lonas and Parkside campuses.

Part 1: Install the South College Printing Software

  • Make sure your laptop is connected to the South College Student Wireless Network.
  • Click here: South College Printing Package
    • This will prompt you to run or save a file - click "Run."
  • Follow the steps in the install wizard.
    • Once installed, the software will create a South College printing software shortcut on your desktop.
  • Go to your desktop and double-click the "South College Printing Software" shortcut.
  • When prompted, log in by entering your Student Portal username and password. This is the same as the Papercut printing software used in the library.

Part 2: Install the Printer

  • Click the link of the printer you wish to print to (located below). This will prompt you to run or save a file, click - "save." If prompted for any security warnings, click "Allow / save".
  • Choose an easy to find location on your computer to save the file to, then click - "Save" again.
  • Go to the saved printer file on your computer and double-click on the file name. A black window will appear while the printer is being installed on your computer.
  • You may be prompted to install a printer driver. if so, click "Install."
  • The black window disappears when the printer is successfully installed.
  • You are ready to print.

**NOTE** You must run the "South College Printing Software" shortcut on your desktop AND the printer shortcut every time you reboot your computer or each time you leave campus and return. Failure to do so will prevent you from printing.

Printing Software:

1. South College Printing Package  (Windows based PC)
2. South College Printing Package (Mac/OSX)

Parkside Printers:

1. Parkside Library
2. Parkside Student Center

Lonas Printers:

1. Lonas Library
2. Lonas Student Center

Web Printing

Web Printing allows students to upload documents from a web browser and print to any of the student printers located on either campus. Please see the instructions below for a detailed step-by-step guide.

Web Printing How-to

iPad Printing

iPad printing is now available at the South College Parkside campus. Please see the instructions below for a detailed step-by-step guide.

iPad Printing How-to

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