Student Services

Student Services

South College assumes the responsibility of offering programs and services which augment academic programs by stimulating the personal and professional development of students at the college. These programs and services, coordinated by the Department of Student Services, enhance student life and add to the classroom experience.

The mission of the Department of Student Services is two-fold: (1) to afford students an opportunity to grow personally and professionally through student interaction, activities, and leadership opportunities within the college and the community; and (2) to provide students with services and guidance that lead to effective problem solving skills and personal satisfaction with their learning community and their learning experiences.

The following goals of the Department of Student Services are an extension of the philosophy and goals of the college. They serve to inform, educate, support, and encourage students in their endeavors. These goals are:

  1. To provide a fair and sound testing program for entrance purposes.
  2. To provide an orientation which will inform students of college policies, programs, and activities.
  3. To provide support and assistance to students in making realistic decisions concerning academic and non-academic concerns.
  4. To provide career placement services and resources.
  5. To provide programs and activities which will encourage student involvement and participation in campus life and community service.
  6. To provide academic accommodations to students with disabilities in the classroom.
  7. To provide avenues for students to obtain resources that supplement academic endeavors.
  8. To provide fair and sound disciplinary and grievance procedures.



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