Student Services

Student Services

South College assumes the responsibility of offering programs and services which augment academic programs by stimulating the personal and professional development of students at the college. These programs and services, coordinated by the Department of Student Services, enhance student life and add to the classroom experience.

The mission of the Department of Student Services is two-fold: (1) to afford students an opportunity to grow personally and professionally through student interaction, activities, and leadership opportunities within the college and the community; and (2) to provide students with services and guidance that lead to effective problem solving skills and personal satisfaction with their learning community and their learning experiences.

The following goals of the Department of Student Services are an extension of the philosophy and goals of the college. They serve to inform, educate, support, and encourage students in their endeavors. These goals are:

  1. To provide a fair and sound testing program for entrance purposes.
  2. To provide an orientation which will inform students of college policies, programs, and activities.
  3. To provide support and assistance to students in making realistic decisions concerning academic and non-academic concerns.
  4. To provide career placement services and resources.
  5. To provide programs and activities which will encourage student involvement and participation in campus life and community service.
  6. To provide academic accommodations to students with disabilities in the classroom.
  7. To provide avenues for students to obtain resources that supplement academic endeavors.
  8. To provide fair and sound disciplinary and grievance procedures.


The college provides an orientation program each term to acquaint new students with academic life and college services. All new students and those reentering students who have not been enrolled during the previous year are required to attend. During this orientation, students receive the South College Student Handbook, as well as, information regarding alcohol and drug abuse counseling. Students are also directed in setting up South College e-mail and portal accounts and ID card pictures are taken.


Advising/counseling services are available to assist students in resolving academic, career, and non-academic problems. College personnel, particularly deans and department chairs, can help students plan their educational programs as well as adjust to the demands of college-level studies. Assistance is available for any student who seeks aid in addressing individual problems. Counseling services are available upon request for an appointment through the Department of Student Services. Additionally, a resource center is available on the Student Portal for gaining immediate information. Student Services staff members are available to listen and help students identify and evaluate their options so that informed decisions can be made. These services are available during the day and in the evening by appointment. Students identified as needing additional counseling resources will be referred to external agencies.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Students requesting special services from the college should contact the Dean of Student Services for complete information on college policy and procedures. All special requests should be made at least one month prior to beginning classes in order to allow time for the request to be evaluated appropriately. Students who have demonstrated and recognized physical or learning disabilities must contact the Dean of Student Services each quarter if they wish to continue receiving special services. South College does not discriminate on the basis of disability and is committed to full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Student Activities and Organizations 

Student organizations represent a variety of interests at South College. Participation in student organizations provides students with an opportunity to apply knowledge, improve skills, and enhance the college experience.

Activities and organizations that meet the needs of students and focus on academic achievement and career interests are encouraged. Groups with objectives that specifically support educational goals and career interests can easily be formed. Students interested in organizing and developing new clubs or organizations are encouraged to meet with the Student Activities Coordinator to discuss the group's goals. Each student organization must be registered with and approved by the Dean of Student Services and must have a faculty advisor. In addition, all groups must develop and operate with a set of by-laws and hold elections. Assistance will be given in obtaining an advisor if needed.

Deans and department chairpersons may be contacted for more information on active clubs in their respective areas. Student services staff members are also available to address questions about student organizations and activities.

Career Placement Services

Career placement services are provided for South College graduates at no charge. While the primary focus of the Placement Office is to assist students upon graduation, any enrolled student may seek employment information through this office.

Although placement in full-time positions cannot be guaranteed, it is vitally important to both the graduate and the college that each graduate obtains appropriate employment. Therefore, as students approach the last quarter of their programs, specific and personalized instruction is provided in the preparation of professional resumes and cover letters, as well as job search strategies and interviewing skills. Each graduating student is required to complete a placement application and present a resume and letters of recommendation for a personnel file to the Placement Coordinator. Most graduates also participate in a mock interview.

Currently enrolled students and graduates should contact the Placement Coordinator for more information on career counseling, resume writing, and job search strategies. Employers should contact the Placement Coordinator to list job openings.

Veteran Services

The Director of Financial Aid at South College is available to assist veteran students with benefit information. Please see the Director of Financial Aid for more information.

Library Services

South College provides an easily accessible library and quality academic services to meet the research needs of its students, faculty, and staff. The library at each campus is open to accommodate the needs of day and evenings students. Specific hours are posted at each library location.

The library's collection includes general and reference books (both print and electronic), print and online periodicals, multi-media software, online services, and other print media. An online catalog is available on the library's web page. Through membership in TENN-SHARE, the library is able to expand access to resources outside of its own facilities through intercollegiate borrowing. Participation in Tennessee Electronic Library gives the South College community additional access to a selection of multidisciplinary full text databases from InfoTrac. Internet access allows library users the opportunity to locate and retrieve information from libraries, colleges, database services, and various other institutions throughout the world. The library also offers a strong collection of non-print media to assist library users with their research and studies. To check-out books and other resources, library accounts are required. The librarians will set these up upon request.

Library orientations are given each quarter to students enrolled in introductory courses. These orientations are designed to inform students of the types of resources available and to provide instruction as to how to use library resources to the greatest advantage.

Printing Cards Are Available at Bookstore and in Libraries

All courses have a Moodle site which is used to supplement classroom activities and all course materials are posted to these sites. Students wishing to print these materials on campus or make copies must purchase a printing card which are available in the bookstore and both libraries. Printing cards are in $5 or $10 increments and exact change is required when purchasing cards from the library staff. Copying and printing may be done in the library at both campuses, in the computer labs at both campuses, and in the student center at both campuses.


Tutoring is available for math at scheduled times throughout the quarter (see current month's issue of the Southern Digest for schedule).

Tutoring in other subjects is available by request. Complete a "Tutor Request Form" and submit it to the Student Activities Coordinator. Every effort will be made to identify a tutor but there is no guarantee that one can be secured for every class offered at South College.

Writing Lab

The Writing Lab is available to all students and faculty who wish to gain feedback during their writing processes. Writing Lab tutors include English instructors who are trained to help with any writing assignment or project. Writing Lab hours are posted outside the Writing Lab on the second floor of the Lonas campus and in the conference room at the Parkside campus library. Writing lab hours are also listed in each edition of the campus newsletter and on the institutional website (


A bookstore is maintained at the main campus by the College for the convenience of students. All necessary books and some supplies may be obtained at the bookstore. The price of books and supplies is not included in the tuition. Hours of operation are posted by the bookstore.

New unmarked books may be returned by week four of the quarter of purchase (week one for mid-quarter classes). Credit will be issued; cash refunds will not be given. Returned books should be accompanied by the receipt(s) of purchase. Books (new or used) that are special ordered cannot be returned.

Students are not required to purchase books from the college bookstore. Some textbooks are reusable and can be purchased from other students if desired. A current list of textbooks in use at the college is posted on the South College website.

Health Services

South College does not provide health services. However, the institution does have an agreement with Cherokee Health Systems that allows South College students to seek health care services from a CHS facility. The facility will verify current enrollment at South College in order to proceed with services. Please see the Department of Student Services for additional information.


There are no dormitory facilities at South College. Students who are not within commuting distance must secure their own residence.


South College does not provide transportation for students.

College Publications

South College has several different publications distributed throughout the academic year. All college publications are approved through the office of the Executive Vice President.

The South College Catalog is an information book and reference guide addressing most aspects of the college. It is published annually and includes a listing and description of all courses offered by the college.

During orientation, a Student Handbook is distributed to each new student. The handbook contains the Code of Conduct as well as helpful information about a variety of topics. Copies are available in the Student Activities Coordinator's, Dean of Student Services', and the Executive Vice President's offices.

A President's List and a Dean's List are published at the end of each quarter. These lists contain the name of all eligible students.

At graduation each year, the Commencement Bulletin contains the name, degree/certificate to be awarded, and major field of study of all graduates.

A monthly newsletter, the Southern Digest, provides members of the South College community with information relating to campus news, upcoming activities, and student organization updates. This newsletter is developed by the Student Activities Coordinator.

Expressions, the student literary magazine, is a collection of student writing and is published once each year.

South College Directory, if published, contains the following information for each student: (1) name, (2) local address, (3) local telephone number, (4) permanent address, (5) permanent telephone number, (6) major field of study, (7) classification, (8) dates of enrollment, and (9) degrees received.The information in the Directory, President's and Dean's Lists, Southern Digest, and Commencement Bulletin is considered public information and is released without the written approval of the student. Additional items that are classified as directory information and that may be released without the written approval of students include: dates of attendance, date and place of birth, participation in officially recognized activities, and the most recent previous educational institution attended by the student. Students who do not want their directory information released must give written notice to the Registrar prior to the first day of classes for the fall, winter, spring, and summer quarter directories.

Honor Code and Conduct Regulations 

Enrollment at South College constitutes full acceptance of the South College Honor Code and the Student Conduct Standards and Regulations. All students receive a copy of the Student Handbook that contains this information, the disciplinary procedures, and the appeals process. Instructors are not expected to jeopardize the progress of a class by permitting the continued presence of any student whose behavior could adversely affect the class. Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to cheating, disruptive behavior, plagiarism, and any other actions which are not considered proper conduct for a college student. The Conduct Standards and Regulations also cover inappropriate actions of students on campus while not in the classroom or while participating in college-sponsored activities off campus. Alleged violations will be referred to the Dean of Student Services or the Executive Vice President who have the authority to temporarily dismiss a student. See the Disciplinary Procedures section of the Student Handbook for specific details.

South College reserves the right to dismiss at any time a student who in the administration's judgement is undesirable and whose continued enrollment is detrimental to him/herself or his/her fellow students or whose presence is disruptive to the learning environment or the orderly operation of the college.

A dress code, describing appropriate attire for South College students, is a part of the Conduct Standards and Regulations. Students may be asked to leave class because of inappropriate attire. They will not be permitted to return unless they return properly dressed.

Grievance Procedures

Several avenues exist within the framework of the college by which students may express grievances. Student complaints regarding final course grades will be handled in the manner described in the Academic Information/Grade Reporting section of the catalog.

Student concerns regarding other academic issues should be brought to the attention of the appropriate instructor, dean or department chairperson, Dean of Student Services, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Student Services, and/or the Executive Vice President.

Concerns regarding non-academic issues should be brought to the attention of the appropriate program/department head, the Dean of Student Services, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Student Services, and/or the Executive Vice President.

Concerns regarding disability issues should be directed to the Dean of Student Services.

Concerns from members of the public should be directed to the Executive/HS Assistant.

Those wishing to make a formal, written complaint should do so utilizing the South College Complaint Form. This form is available to students under the Student Services Tab in the Portal. Members of the public wishing to make a formal, written complaint should contact the South College main number to request a Complaint Form.

Every attempt will be made to resolve concerns at the lowest level possible in the chain of command. However, in instances where this is not possible and the concern cannot be satisfactorily resolved through the normal procedures, the grievant may appeal in writing to the President of the college. The appeal should be communicated within five days after the action of which the student complains, or unsatisfactory resolution was reached at the lower level. The President's decision is final so far as institutional grievance procedures are concerned. Should there be a grievance that cannot be satisfactorily resolved at the institutional level, a student may contact the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, 404 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 1900, Nashville, TN 37243-3605, (615) 741-3605.

Campus Security Information

In accordance with the Students' Right-to-Know and Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990, Title II of Public Law 101-542, South College prepared the following report on crime statistics covering the period of January 2009 through December 2012.

   2009 2010 2011  2012 
 Murder or Manslaughter
 Sex OffensesForcible 

 Sex OffensesNon-Forcible:

 Rape or Incest

 Aggravated Assault  0
 Burglary  0 0 0 0
 Arson  0 0 0
 Motor Vehicle Theft  0
 Hate Crimes 0 0












  2009  2010  2011  2012 
Liquor Law Violation          0
Drug Abuse Violation 
 Weapons Possesion