Copyright Compliance Policy

Copyright Compliance Policy

Copyright Compliance Policy

No member of the South College community shall share files with peers without authorization, and/or illegally download and/or distribute copyrighted materials using the institution’s technology systems without authorization. Under certain circumstances, applicable laws allow the use of copyright materials, such as for the purpose of private study, scholarship, teaching, or research, without permission.  However, there is no blanket exception from liability for students or faculty/staff of educational institution. If reproduction of copyrighted material is used for purposes in excess of what constitutes “fair use,” that user may be liable for copyright infringement.  Infringement of another individual’s copyright is a violation of federal law

(U.S. Copyright Act, Title 17, U.S. Code) and may include fines and other penalties.  Most text, music, movies, television shows, software, games and images found on the Internet are protected by federal copyright law. The owner of the copyright in these works has the right to control their distribution, modification, reproduction, public display, and public performance. Therefore, it is generally illegal to use file sharing networks to download and share copyrighted works without the copyright owner’s permission unless “fair use” or another exemption under copyright law applies. If a violation of this policy is observed or reported, South College will respond by investigating pursuant to procedures outlined in the Student Handbook or Employee Handbook, whichever is appropriate. During such an investigation, the user’s privileges may or may not be suspended. Once the investigation is complete, if the user is determined to have violated this policy, appropriate discipline and/or corrective action will be taken. Users may be held responsible for any liability damages or expenses resulting from misuse of South College computing resources.



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