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Services for Students with Disabilities

Students requesting special services from the college should contact the Dean of Academic Support and Student Services at least one month before beginning classes at the college in order to allow time for the request to be evaluated appropriately.

It is the student’s responsibility to identify himself/herself to the Dean of Academic Support and Student Services and to provide appropriate documentation of a disability. The documentation must be current (within three years) and originate from a licensed professional.

Academic accommodations are not provided simply because a person has a disability nor are they a guarantee of a certain grade or of success in a particular class. The purpose of accommodations and modifications is to assure that there is equal access to programs and services. All accommodations, modifications, and services are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Students with documented disabilities are entitled to receive approved accommodations or modifications, appropriate academic adjustments, or auxiliary aids that will enable them to participate in and have the opportunity to benefit from all educational programs and activities of the college.

Initially, the student must meet with the Dean of Academic Support and Student Services to discuss specific accommodations the student is eligible to receive. At the initial meeting, the student must complete the registration form for special services. Then, at the beginning of each quarter, students must request accommodation letters from the Dean and meet with their instructors to discuss arrangements for accommodations in each course.

Students with disabilities have the same responsibility for their education as other students. This includes maintaining the same academic levels, displaying appropriate behavior, and giving timely notification of any special needs. All students, including students with psychological disabilities, are responsible for following the Code of Conduct and adapting behavior to the educational environment. Some students may have a reaction to medication that results in inappropriate behavior. Regardless of the cause, if disruptive behavior persistently occurs, the student will be held accountable and the Dean of Academic Support and Student Services will be contacted.

Some impairments and medical conditions which do not fall under a specific disability category can affect students by significantly impairing their energy level, memory, mobility, speech, vision, or muscular coordination. Some medical conditions are temporary and in some cases, the degree of impairment may vary from one day to the next because of the nature of the medical condition, medication received, or therapy. Students facing such challenges should meet with the Dean of Academic Support and Student Services to discuss their specific situation. Before an accommodation, modification, or service can be considered, appropriate documentation from a qualified professional must be submitted.

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