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Student Activities and Organizations

Student Activities and Organizations 

Student organizations represent a variety of interests at South College. Participation in student organizations provides students with an opportunity to apply knowledge, improve skills, and enhance the college experience. 

Activities and organizations that meet the needs of students and focus on academic achievement and career interests are encouraged. Groups with objectives that specifically support educational goals and career interests can easily be formed. Students interested in organizing and developing new clubs or organizations are encouraged to meet with the Student Activities Coordinator to discuss the group’s goals. Each student organization must be registered with and approved by the Dean of Student Services and must have a faculty advisor. In addition, all groups must develop and operate with a set of by-laws and hold elections. Assistance will be given in obtaining an advisor if needed. 

Deans and Department Chairpersons may be contacted for more information on active clubs in their respective areas. Student services staff members are also available to address questions about student organizations and activities.




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