Military Grant

South College is grateful for the service and sacrifice of our military and their families.  We are happy to provide the South College Military Grant as a way to support our military – past and present – in the pursuit of their education and skill development.  The qualifications and administrative details of the South College Military Grant are described below.

The South College Military Grant is available to applicants who meet the following requirements and who are not receiving 100% coverage of tuition and fees under any VA educational benefit and/or state/federal/institutional/private grant or scholarship program.  This Grant is effective beginning Winter quarter 2017. 

  • Enter or continue as a South College student at any campus location beginning Winter quarter 2017 or after.
  • Provide proof of status as an active duty military member or veteran, or military spouse, with an honorable discharge status, general- under honorable conditions discharge status, or proof of active duty status (NOBE) OR be the dependent of a veteran who is eligible for VA educational benefits.

The South College Application Fee is waived for all active duty military members, veterans, their spouses, and their dependent children who receive this Grant.

The South College Military Grant is administered as follows:

  • The awarding of the South College Military Grant is available to all veterans and spouses of veterans with an honorable or general- under honorable conditions discharge status, active duty military and spouses, and dependents that are eligible for VA Educational benefits, all subject to the student being able to submit the appropriate military documents to prove eligibility.
  • For veterans receiving Chapter 33 benefits at the 100% level, once the annual tuition cap has been reached, the veteran will be certified for the portion of tuition not covered by the Chapter 33 benefits to be covered by Yellow Ribbon and will pay to the account as 50% of the gap in tuition not covered by Chapter 33. The remaining 50% of the tuition gap will be covered by a Yellow Ribbon scholarship posted by the institution. The total amount of tuition, Yellow Ribbon, and Yellow Ribbon scholarship applied to the account will not exceed the total amount of tuition and fees charged for the term.
  • Eligibility for this Grant is determined on a term by term basis.
  • Students who break enrollment for any reason are subject to updated grant rates as designated by the catalog under which his/her current enrollment falls. The Military Grant is subject to change at the discretion of the college. Awards made to eligible students will not change as long as the student maintains eligibility as outlined above and continued enrollment.
  • The South College Military Grant is not retroactive and will be applied to eligible students’ accounts starting Winter quarter 2017.
  • The South College Military Grant will cover outstanding tuition and fee charges after all other aid has been applied and has no cash value. 
  • Students are not eligible to receive the South College First Responder Grant and the South College Military Grant in the same quarter.
  • Veterans, active duty military, spouses and/or dependents of veterans eligible for the South College Military Grant are required to provide the necessary documents to bring his/her file into compliance per VA regulations, including but not limited to transcripts or proof of education completed and/or attempted prior to the current enrollment, proof of high school completion, and VA educational benefit specific information as requested by the Office of Financial Aid. This is done to ensure accurate awarding of benefits and the continuation of those benefits after the first term of enrollment. Exceptional circumstances must be approved by the Director of Financial Aid in order for the student to continue being certified each term and for the application of the South College Military Grant to the student’s account.
South College Military Grant Disbursement Schedule Per Term
 Full Time $1,000 
 Half Time $500 
 Less Than Half Time $250